A web site that was designed to fit into smartphone screen. It is neither crippled nor scaled down version of your "main" desktop site. It is just another web site with everything - fonts, buttons, images, navigation optimized for smartphone. The site is also tightly integrated with the mobile phone - email, phone, sms, maps, media player - everything is directly accessible right from your mobile web app.
  • 91% of all smart phone users have their phone within arm's reach 24/7 - (Morgan Stanley, 2012)
  • 61% of local searches on a mobile phone result in a phone call - (Google, 2012)
  • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. 70% of online searches result in action in one month - (Mobile Marketer, 2012)
Do you see the trend? Are you prepared? Our mobile advertising platform provides all ingredients in a single solution: mobile web site, QR codes, sms advertising - we cover it all.
Our SMS marketing platform offers quick and easy mobile campaigns management. We offer US and Canadian long code (10-digit) phone numbers, which may be shared or dedicated. Your customers may opt-in and opt-out by sending sms or dialing your dedicated number and using voice menu.
Your web app is instantly available - there is nothing to download and install through iTunes or Google Play. Just scan QR code found on product package or magazine page and you are already in. Your web app is reliable - it never crash on the first run just because of some weird phone settings or lost internet connection. Your web app is compatible with a lot of devices - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Kindle. And you may easily share your web app just by sending a link right from your web app.
QR codes made easy. Touch Site automatically generates QR codes for all pages you created. Select size, download, print and use on your package, tags, window signage, posters - whenever it may be seen and scanned.
You may setup your web app by starting free trial. You may select colors, artwork, upload your own image - no HTML knowledge required. For power users we offer full HTML support - all tags, CSS and Javascript are accepted. Interested in custom design? Conversion to native iPhone and Android apps? Private label solutions? We do it all and at very competitive rates. Please feel free to contact us for more info.
Unlimited mobile coupons are currently free with most plans. Full support for all major bar codes. Automated coupon expiration. Easy setup - just fill in short form and your coupons are ready.
White label licensing is available. Your own domain, your own name, very favourable conditions. Want to offer your own mobile marketing platform? Contact us now.

Welcome to Touch Site

The leading do-it-yourself web app service and mobile marketing platform

Why you need a mobile web site

You probably already have a web site which was designed to shine on a big screen. But have you tried to browse it with a smartphone? In most cases it is nothing but a cruel and unusual punishment.

Your customers are abandoning computers in favor of smartphones. They keep texting and emailing on the go. They scan QR code and in 5 seconds your web storefront is on their touch screens. What happens in the next 5 seconds depends on what they see there. And if they see a full size page heavily loaded with graphics and Flash animations, which are invisible to iPhone (and soon to Android device) owners, you have probably just lost a sale.

That is why a dedicated mobile web site (also known as web application) is a must if you want to succeed in this new brave See, Scan, Go! world.

Mobile Rewards Program

NEWS ALERT | 11/07/12 @ 10:55am

Rush Project Inc announces immediate availability of Loyalty Builder plan featuring mobile rewards cards, Apple Passbook integration, punch card and bonus card mode.

For further details please visit mobile loyalty card web site.

To activate and download sample card:
Call (617) 299-7303 and select option 5, or
text REWARDS to (617) 299-7303.

Mobile Marketing & Apple Passbook

We offer multiple media channels for mobile marketers.

SMS Broadcasts may be scheduled for any time and targeted to specific loyalty program subscribers. We use long code phone numbers. Many recipients consider sms messages coming from long numbers as personal messages and respond back asking further info. By forwarding sms responses to your email we ensure true two way communication!

Push Advertising Fully featured Apple Passbook Server allows posting your deals, offers and announcements right to the iPhone lock screen (see the mobile loyalty cards video).

Advanced Web App

The web apps we offer are built using jQuery Mobile - the industry leading touch-optimized web framework for smartphones and tablets. Leveraging jQuery Mobile ensures that your web app will work on the vast majority of all modern desktop, smartphone, tablet and e-reader platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, Blackberry, Palm WebOS devices, Kindle and Kindle Fire - all are covered. While some advanced features may be not available on old hardware, you still be able to access the mobile web site.

All pages, buttons, images, navigation, everything is optimized for smartphone. The site is also tightly integrated with the mobile phone - email, phone, sms, maps, media player - everything is directly accessible right from your web site.


Mobile Loyalty Cards: Intro (3:13)


How to create coupon for Passbook (4:32)